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Hand Controls

The Hand controls consist of a Single Lever mounted under the steering which operetes the brake and accelerator. It is a Pull and push mechanism, when pulled will accelerate & when pushed will operate the brake. A switch console is also fitted in select models that operate the parking lights, head lights, turning lights horn and an auxiliary accelerator.These modified vehicles are suitable for persons with one or both limb disability. The controls are dual in nature and do not affect the normal foot controls of the vehicle.


The gear lever is fitted with a clutch button. To operate the clutch press the button and the clutch will depress. The gear lever can then be shifted into the desired gear and the button released. The clutch pedal will release slowly for a smooth start / operation of the vehicle. The same procedure is to be followed for shifting to a higher or lower gear.


The fitment of auxiliary accelerator for automatic transmission vehicle. The fitment consist of attachment which is fitted on the pedals below dash board. It helps in operating the accelerator by left leg.

All controls are dual in nature and do not interfere with the normal foot controls of the vehicle provided by the manufacturer

Suitable for person with right limb disabilit

Our Products

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