“Our work is Engineering, but our passion is Dynamic Living.”

At Ferro Equip, our years of experience in modifying countless vehicles with diverse range of innovating adaptations and mobility devices and customizing special vehicles for people with special needs. It enables us to guarantee high quality in our work. Technology changes quickly in the field of automobiles and engineering, allowing us a scope for continuous development and design improvement that ultimately proffers you the best of your adapted car.

Be it as a driver, passenger, or being mobile inside of a house, we envision to eliminate immobility of people with special needs and bring betterment in their lifestyle. Specially-abled people rather have needs that differ from person to person. Ultimately, to ease their transportation, one standard modification in a car cannot be feasible. Thus, we first understand a customer’s needs and customize vehicles that are more


efficient and reliable. As a part of our innovation and design, till date, we have installed, innovated, and customized driving hand controls, auxiliary accelerators, created wheelchair accessible vehicles, swivel/rotary seats, transfer seat solutions, chair toppers/wheelchair hoists, patient hoists, swimming pool hoists, toilet accessories, customized wheelchairs, and seats for cerebral palsy children. We always look for new ideas and innovations to improve the quality of life for the specially-abled people.

Our each new innovation or automobile technology has unique features incorporated for special purposes, and thus, it is crucial to understand in detail mechanism behind each newly modified technique. Thus, we believe in working in a close association with our clientele right from understanding their expectations, delivering vehicles, and conducting special driving lessons for them.