Ferro Equip has been engineering effective practicable solutions for people with special needs, including paralysis, limb impairment, and short stature. Over the years, we have modified and customized almost all car brands and their consequent models with constantly evolving machinery; every customization has been a great challenge that we have strived and overcome successfully.

Till date, through our research and development, we have successfully matched and exceeded many of the designs in innovative engineering world. Owing to our technology, quality, ingenuity, and innovations, we are a well-known, experienced, and trusted group across Indian subcontinent with countless happy customers.

Since the inception of Ferro Equip, we have been awarded with a plethora of national and global awards, taking us beyond our credibility to reach out to others. Although our work focuses mainly on technical aspects, our focus is on a good quality of life. We have been in the business for proffering more independence, freedom, and fun to people with special needs.