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The Milford Person Lift is designed to smoothly transfer users from a wheelchair directly into a standard car seat Ė meaning thereís no need to change your vehicle. Strong Versatile, and easy to detach when not in use, the Milford can also be used with the Milford Smartbase for use in the home on holiday or even in the office


The Wagon R seat can be rotated so that the disabled person can be seated and rotated 90 degrees position.


The device has a rotary mechanism that can be rotated to 90 degrees. Part of the device is a set of wheels as seen in the picture above wherein the person on the seat slides onto the set of wheels making the seat a wheelchair. The seat has a mechanism to lift and lower so that it can be matched with most cars. Hence transfer is very simple and easy with no lifting of the person

The Electric version is available for higher vehicles like SUVíS .

Our Products

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