Our experience with modification of hundreds of vehicles, and devices a year for people with various disabilities enables us to guarantee high quality in all our work, from installing hand controls, wheelchair accessible vehicles, rotary seats, patient hoists, swimming pool hoists, toilet accessories, auxiliary accelerators, customizing wheelchairs, seats for cerebral palsy children etc. Technology changes quickly in our field which means that we are continuously developing and improving in order to give you the best possible solution for your adapted car.

It is important for us to have your confidence, that is why we work closely with each and every one throughout the customization / modification process including delivering the vehicle and teaching the user how to drive in just a few lessons.

Paralysis, Limb impairment, shortness of stature, we have engineered effective and workable solutions for hundreds of people all over India. There hasn't been a vehicle we have not been able to customize or modify to suit a person's needs. Every adaptation is a challenge and we take on challenges that others won't.

We have been getting people on the road and improving their way of life, whether it is as drivers or passengers or just giving them mobility in their homes or places of work.

Everyone has a different requirement, as technology alone won't get you driving or independent. You need someone who can understand your needs give you good realistic and non biased advice, and put them to a customized device, or modifications that will suit your requirement.

We match and even exceed some of the designs in innovation engineering worldwide. We are known and trusted throughout India for our Quality, ingenuity and innovations. Our users are testimony to that.

We have earned our reputation by winning many National and International Awards which has increased our creditability as reaching out to others. Although our work is very technical, our focus is quality of life. We are in the business of enabling people to enjoy more independence, more freedom and more fun.

At a deeper level, this is about respect, about a person's sense of self-worth and simple, human joy.

Our work is engineering but our business is "Dynamic Living"

"We make your dreams a reality"

So give me a call and help me to serve you better. I look forward to it.

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