Dr. Rajan T.D

Dear Ferdy,

Sharing my experience with you for making my Wagon-r Car (CG-12/AH-7420),hand operated manual transmission.I have completed around 40,000 km in 2 years and i really appreciate you for giving me such comfort and pleasure of making my dream come true.More over your such humble and helpful behavior make me feel relax for another inroads to come.My journey of car wouldn't have been possible without your support and now i feel myself driving on a safe and comfort seat.

Once again I would like to appreciate you for your kind and generous support and hope to see you doing the same thing with others like me in the future to come.

Deep Kumar Shrivas.
Address- Korba - Chhattishgarh
Contact No.- 7389939475
Email ID- deep_shrivas@yahoo.com

Dr. Rajan T.D

Dear Ferdy,

I have been driving a car for the last 22 years and have been thoroughly enjoying the independence it gave me. However the most memorable drive has been the 2515km drive on my new Honda Amaze automatic with hand controls provided by the one and only Ferdy.

As part of the week long drive, I took my family to my hometown in Kerala. The journey began with a 13 hour drive via NH 17 on Day 1 from Mumbai to Gokarna (730 kms) after which I halted at night. I continued my journey after a half day tour of the beach-temple town. At 1.45 I left Gokarna and at my village (80km from Mangalore) in Nileshwar at 8.30, a distance of 250 kms.

I travelled locally over the next four days and then left Kozhikode (Calicut) at 0900 and reached Mangalore at 1830 which was our night halt, a distance of 330 km. From Mangalore I drove at 0900 and reached Kolhapur (560km). The last segment of 400 kms started at 1330 from Kolhapur and reached home in Andheri 2130.

Driving was great fun, particularly on the Pune expressway and Satara-Kolhapur segment which could touch speeds of over 100 kmph. The longest non-stop segment was a drive of 5 hours. It was a great joy to drive such a long distance crossing ghats, through thick forest roads, coursing along rivers, lakes and scenic mountains. Luckily for me there were no punctures, technical glitches, road blocks or health problems on the entire route.

Holding the hand controls continuously for more than 2 hours tires the arms a bit but that could be overcome by smartly stretching the arms and squeezing both palms while waiting at Toll Plazas queues. It was an exhilarating moment for me who had not gone past my suburb at Andheri till I finished school. I urge everyone to make an attempt to get out of their comfort zone and explore new worlds, in the literal and spiritual sense!

I cannot stop being grateful to you for being there and making sure people like me not only manage their daily life easily but also be able to go satisfy their personal desires as well. Thank you, Ferdy!

Dr. Rajan T.D.

John Barretto

Dear Ferdy,

First and foremost my heartiest thanks for modifying my earlier Maruti 800 car bearing number MH-05-H-2085 in August 2003. It was a pleasant thing in my life and my dream to drive this car which you modified. Although 10 years have passed, the modifications have not failed even once. My thanks to you and your team members.

With this car I have travelled to many places and have not got stuck even once. It was a wonderful pleasure to drive this car with my family members (I thought once upon a time that I would not be able to drive a car) who are very appreciative of your good work. With the blessings of God, their dreams have also come true.

Recently, I have purchased a new Swift Dzire (MH-01-BK-3207) and sent it across to you for modifications. I was really amazed and stunned at the speed you modified. Just in one night! Wow! That's terrific! This shows your brilliance. There is not a single noise in the equipments that you have placed.

Finally I on behalf of my wife and daughter would like to thank you very much for modifying both my cars without which I would not have been able to drive. I pray to God that He may give you a very very long life and help other handicapped persons who encounter problems in driving. Ferdy, to make it simple "YOU ARE A VERY DOWN TO EARTH PERSON". May God bless you.

John Barretto
402, Parashara
TIFR Housing Complex
Homi Bhabha Road
Navy Nagar
Mumbai 400 005
Mobile: 9869020782/9892100424

Mohan Divekar

Dear Ferdinand Sir,

I had met with a terrible motorbike accident which cost me lower limb of my right leg , when my half part of the leg was amputated I was completely shattered and depressed and had given up. But then gradually I came to terms with this loss and secondly my movement was completely shattered. I thought I had lost everything, But one fine morning I heard about one noble man i.e. Mr. Ferdinand Rodricks, I decided I will go and meet him, and when Mr. Rodricks saw me he found me totally dejected.

But this one Gentleman gave me high hopes saying that you will pick up from where you left. And he assured me that though you have lost you half part of the leg, I will guarantee that you will drive a car, and then he modified my car in such a way that I had no difficulties at all in driving my car. He thought me driving and within a weeks time I was behind the wheel of my own car driving leaving all that I had lost far far behind and when Mr. Rodricks saw me after a few months he was thrilled when he saw the joy on my face. And today because of him I am enjoying my life with my family and the place of work only because of this noble and great Gentleman i.e. Mr. Ferdinand Rodricks.

May God bless you hundred folds in everything for doing a noble cause for the upliftment of the handicapped.

Mohan Divekar

Ajit Arvind Bartakke

Dear Ferdinand Sir,

I myself and my family members, sincerely thank you, for all your efforts that you have put in, for modifying the Gear of my Chevrolet Spark Car. I remember the meeting with you & photo Album that you have shown, of different handicapped peoples with their modified cars, really encouraged and boosted me a lot. I like your passion of making handicap people to laugh with their self reliance.

Because of you only, The Times of India people came at my residence took my interview and also took some photographs which they had published in "Mumbai Mirror"- copy of Times of India. The People in our society and those who knows us personally well called and congratulated me being in the News paper with some personal information.

My wife who is visually impaired is very happy, as my small daughter, who can now move around in our car. My mother and father are the happiest people when they seen me in car with so comfort. I feel very proud that for handicap people like us we got the God father like you, in the City like, Mumbai.

I thank you for your tips and advice that you have given me at very beginning only.

All our Family members, prey to almighty God for you & your Family a very healthy and happiest life.

With great love.

Ajit Arvind Bartakke
B.Com (hons)
Accounting Technician Certificate

Bldg.No.20A/997, Fisherman Colony,
Raheja Hospital Marg, Near Ram Mandir,
Mumbai-400 016.
Residence :-+9122-24455917

Devangi Ketan Parikh

Dear Mr. Ferdi,

This is with regard to the seating system that you have customised for our daughter Rhea Parikh. It has indeed given us great relief and immense comfort to Rhea, to be able to have this chair for almost all her needs, primarily feeding. The Practicality in using light weight material, for easy transportation is remarkable.

We are fortunate to have someone like you, so truly inspired and patient, to help people with special needs.

Thanking You
Devangi Ketan Parikh

Manasi Karia & Manoj Karia

Dear Sir,

We hereby certify that we have been using Maruti Wagon-R, MH-02-AQ-5224 duly hand controlled by MR. FERDI RODRICKS since May, 2006. The same is made technically & ethically so much perfect that we ourselves have driven it for around 35000km despite our legs are polio affected.

We want to put our sincere & honest appreciation on records for him. For the Physically Challenged people like us, he is an Angel who does his best to make us feel independent. Hence, we strongly recommend him to be authorized, encouraged & helped with the best spirit. We wish him every success while praying for him.

Dated this at Mumbai, 21st June, 2011.

Thanks & Regards,
Manasi Karia & Manoj Karia
11, Nirman CHS, Opp.Hotel Milan,
TPS-VI, 1st Road, Off.Milan Subway,
Santacruz (W), Mumbai - 400 054.
(9833461271 / 9323061271 / 9324928179)

Geeta Castelino

Dear Sir,

I, Geeta Castelino, am a physically challenged driver who has had Poliomyelitis (with a disability of both lower limbs) since childhood. I am personally of the belief that it is important for individuals, handicap-able or otherwise to be independent and in providing me with a means to drive despite my disability, Mr. Ferdinand Rodricks has given me the tools to access that independence.

Ferdi (as he is known by all) has put in immense effort into modifying automobiles and making hand operated gear cars available to those who (like me) cannot make use of their feet. However, there is much more that he has worked on, not limiting himself and always ready to take up the challenge of adapting a car to the specific needs of the handicapped individual, understanding that disabilities are different and need to be intelligently distinguished. He has modified the car I have been driving - a Hyundai Santro since 2002 and he has done a brilliant work on it giving me the comfort to drive the vehicle smoothly and safely.

Ferdinand Rodricks has long been doing brilliant work that has helped several handicapped individuals (including me) reinforce their self confidence as capable individuals. And while his work with machines speaks for itself, his general goodwill and the joie-de-vivre he imparts to his clientele is also something that needs be appreciated. I am grateful to him for his contributions to the community and even more grateful that I came along at a time when I could be a part of it.

My best wishes to Ferdi to climb the ladder of success to the highest peak.

Yours sincerely,
Geeta Castelino

Sanjeev Kulkarni

Dear Ferdie,

I remember my first interaction with Mr. Ferdinand Rodricks you over 10 years ago. You fitted hand operated brake and accelerator to my Indica. This modification has totally changed my family's life. We became more independent. This brought in more confidence within myself, that helped me advance in my career.

I went to US and stayed there for 6 months. I drove Ford Focus quite easily there and enjoyed my stay in US. I would like to express my Sincere Thanks to you for making this happen.

Thanks & Regards,
Sanjeev Kulkarni
Phone: +91-97022 77455

Gandhi Family

Respected sir,

My son Rudra Gandhi is 7 years old, he is diagnosed as CP with autistic features. He is totally immobile. Till date a stroller was used to fetch him to the park or other outings, with his growing age and physical needs it became difficult to fit in the stroller. Bigger strollers were unavailable, and then the hunt began to get a carrier made according to the needs of my son.

Then we learned about Mr. Ferdinand Rodricks. He was able to understand my sons requirements as told by us and transform it into wheelchair. This wheelchair is such that the chair can the taken and used as a car seat cum feeding chair. It is very comfortable for my son and convenient for us as parents to stroll him around.

We are very thankful to Mr. Ferdinand to put in such effort and making us feel comfortable in sharing our thoughts. Life has become much easier for us as a family.. greatful to Mr. Ferdinand

Thank you,
Tina Gandhi

Chaturbhuj Mishra

Respected sir,

My car is back yesterday morning, i just tried to drive the car on streets of my colony. It was quite easy for me to drive with left accelerater paddle. Thank u very much for your promptness and sincere effort for modification of my car. However it was very difficult for me to decide wether to sent car to Mumbai or not, but finally i am very happy because my decision of giving the car in your hands proved right and i am sure that no one in India can do this job with this much promptness and sincerity.Now a days when everybody is in business of money making in my openion you are truely serving handicapped people.

Sir, i'll contact you very soon, after completing the process of registration and getting license.

Once again a lots of thanks

Chaturbhuj Mishra
Senior MIG 12, Neharu Nagar,
Bilaspur Chhattisgarh,
Mob- 09301275949, 09407992851, 07752222222

Kaushik Rindani

Dear Ferdi,

As I look back to 2008 which has become history today, what comes to my mind as a gain as well as a matter of satisfaction is meeting you - almost at the same time last year - for getting my new car modified as per your design.

As you know, I had been using auto transmission Esteem AT since last 10 years and in my earlier cars the modifications were such that I used my left leg for brake / accelerator. Obviously when you proposed your design to me, I was quite apprehensive about this BIG CHANGE IN MY DRIVING STYLE which involved use of left leg for clutch and brake / accelerator in left hand.. In fact, at one point of time I thought of selling this modified SWIFT VXI even at a loss of almost a lac of rupees and go for auto transmission again. However, I must express my deep sense of gratitude to you for having given me tremendous amount of confidence, some important tips and also continuous moral support to continue with this modification.

Today, I can say with satisfaction that I am very comfortable with your modification, the car has completed almost 6000 km and after travelling through Saurashtra - 3000 km, I can say with confidence that this modification has several advantages above auto transmission models.

  • With this modification having dual control, normal person can also drive with equal ease.
  • You can have this modification on any car thus giving greater scope of choice. Auto transmission model limits your choice since it is not available with all cars and companies.
  • Petrol consumption in auto transmission cars is higher thus making your driving more expensive.
  • In case of any problem with the car, any garage on road can handle the car without any extra requirement / expenses.

Needless to say, person with limited resources can also go for such modification in a small car of lower price and make himself as mobile as a normal person.

I would like to express a very deep sense of gratitude to you for this modification, confidence and moral support through this letter.

However, when you have some time, I would be too happy to suggest some more things, which if possible to implement at your end, would make the life of handicapped people much more comfortable.

With warmest regards and best wishes
Kaushik Rindani

Sanjay Joshi

Dear Ferdi,

Very correctly it is said that we, physically challenged people don't need sympathy, what we need, I understand , is the BOOSTER. Yes, FERDIE you boost our Efforts, our Ego and truly contours our Ectasy, like people say, "The dream came true".

I, Sanjay Joshi who struggled for nearly a decade, economically, mentally and apparently physically to give my identity an existence.

I always felt (especially after the accident) that I personally don't don't do anything. I am just a puppet with all controls in His hands may it be for small matters or for big decisions. Exactly that's what happened when I was in Spectra Motors and was trying to adjust my wheelchair from different angles. When I had almost decided to buy a Zen Automatic, since there were no other options. But HE sent me to 'Ferdie' through on Mr. Vinod Noronha and … the person who mobilizes our limited functions in an automobile did the 'WONDERS'. I was showered with proud pats not only by my friends and relatives but also by strangers and passerbys with their eyeballs rolling up and down.

Yes, the unique thing, which my most modest motorman has done that I have become totally independent i.e. if I wish to take my wife and kid all alone to, say … Bulsar, I CAN GO and that too not in an expensive Automatic vehicle but in an economically affordable Gypsy. He designed it as per my dreams and desires and so perfectly modified it that not only me but my wife and daughter call him an Angle of God to bring a happy 'U' turn in our family.

I cannot help myself but to adore a person who even looks alike Mr. Ferdie Rodriques.

May God create many such Ferdies to activate physically challenged community.

Yours Highly Obliged.
Sanjay Joshi

Paul Smith

Paul Smith - The British Council

Dear Ferdi,

I'm am writing to thank you for the tremendous effort you put into modifying the Mehendra Voyager for the use of Professor Stephen Hawking during his recent visit to Mumbai.

The vehicle was perfectly adapted in every way to suit his needs. That is had to be sent all the way to Delhi is a testimony to your success.

We are proud to have someone like you in this city, and commend the passion which you put into helping the disabled to acquire a sense of self-reliance.

With best Wishes

Paul Smith

Bhavin Ashar

Dear Ferdi,

Hi! How are you?

I have started learning my Maruti 800. It's a great experience. Being a physical disable I used to think that it will be difficult for me to drive a car and I'll be dependent on driver. However, your device has made it so simple that I'm driving like a normal fellow. Ferro Equip has equip me in friendly manner to use this vehicle. I was really disappointed after talking at Maruti's office that they have stopped manufacturing Maruti 800 for disabled people. But your meeting has given a ray of hope for me.

In fact, the owner of driving school and whosoever (including my company's official as they have spend money for their manager) have seen this modified car have really admired and mentioned that it's really a brain to device this sort of mechanism. It's very safe and chance of happening any accident is not there as break and accelerator is functioning on opposite side.

Well, I'll come and see you one of these days after perfect learning. Thanks for making like so easy. I'm sure many best wishes and blessings of disabled peoples will be with you.

Best Regards,
Bhavin Ashar
Sr. Manager Finance

K.C. Holkar

K.C.Holkar - Bsc., LLM, DBM

Dear Shri Rodricks,

It is indeed thrilling to be able to use the car like any other normal person, due to the wonderful arrangement in the clutch systems which work both ways i.e. normally as well as for persons afflicted like me.

So far I had no complaints in the system which is in use over the last two years all due to your efforts which are highly laudable.

I thank you additionally for the guidance, tips and advice's given so far as also the prompt attention afforded to me as and when sought.

May the Almighty's choicest blessings be showered on you and your family and keep up the good work for challenged people as also the normal ones.

Wishing the very best and hoping to reciprocate in my small way as and when desired.

Your Sincerely


Nitin Goyal

Nitin Goyal - Siemens Public Communication Networks Ltd.

Dear Mr. Rodricks,

I wish to thank you for giving me the independence I dreamt of!

A road accident 6 years ago left me a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. I fought back and re-built my life, completed my MBA and joined the Treasury function of Siemens. I excelled in my work and had an active social life but was dependent on others for mobility. I craved for independence on the road and to be able to go where-ever I wanted, when-ever I wanted.

When i learnt about the Driving-Helper you provide for conversion of Automatic Transmission cars, it was a dream come true. My Zen has added the Zen to my life. It has given me the independence that I always dreamt of, and now my life seems as normal as it was before the accident. The Driving-Helper being a simple lever system, is very easy to use and is also very safe and my Dad is also at peace about my safety. The thoughtful additions of horn, lights and blinker controls male operation all the more easy and safe.

Please accept my most sincere thanks for giving me the mobility I wanted.

With kind regards

Nitin Goyal

Savarino D'souza

Savarino D'souza- Astt. Mgr. Vijaya Bank Matunga Branch

Thank you.

Not enough for what you have done for me. You have gone out of your way to help me. You have not only helped me with the modification of the car but also gave me time to pay for the same. I suppose your only aim being that I should have a car of my own.

This just shows your commitment to your cause, your dream of helping the disadvantaged, persons with disability to acquire safe and independent mobility. To make us self reliant and confident on the roads.

Most persons in your position would have just altered the car but you always made yourself available whenever I phoned you, trying to solve a problem, providing me with tips for driving which I must admit were very valuable. It just helped me polish my driving day by day.

Your modification is a very unique piece of innovation. Very difficult to imagine.

It is very simple and easy to operate specially for a person who requires all controls operated by hand. This is proved as i as a person who has never driven any type of vehicle before has adapted extremely well to the system in a period of just 2 months(about 40 hours of driving).

This car has made me feel that I too can drive like any other person.

Thank you once again. May you be successful in all your endeavours.

All The Best

Savarino D'souza

Priyavrat Goenka

Priyavrat Goenka

Dear Friends

Ferdie modified a Toyota Qualis for me - AND THAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER

I am in a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy so getting in & out of a car was pretty difficult for me - so my going out was limited - then abt a year & half back I met Ferdie & he agrred to modify a quails such that my wheel chair could go right in thru a ramp.

The result is amazing - not only did he modify the car for the wheelchair to roll in using a portable ramp but also raised the roof for my height requirements. What was lovely is the personal touches that Ferdie added - like Glass in the roof for viewing, proper secure fastners for wheelchair to be in place, a little folding seat for next to my wheelchair, modified seats at back for other passengers, a fan & mobile charger socket for me, etc. He even modified my wheelchair so that a headrest could be attached to avoid jerks to my neck - so you can see what great interest Ferdie takes in doing this.

I have a little daughter, who I can now comfortably take out as often as she likes & our weekly family outing is something my wife, me & my daughter look forward to.

All this has been made possible by the wonderful work done by Ferdie. I thank him from the bottom of my heart & wish him all the best & all the luck in making many more people as happy as me.

Priyavrat Goenka

Sandeep Vishvanath Patil


Dear Ferdinand Rodrics Sir.

Sir I modified my alto k 10 automatic car on 12 may 2015 . Life changed after the day. I learned driving in just 3 to 4 days of modification .It is a very great experience. I have drived my car about 10000 km in just one year. Life became more easier. I travel daily to school in my car.

I can enjoy with my children and family. All this became possible because of great human being like you. You are like a god for disabled people. No words to praise your work. Thanks again for your great help. You are one of the greatest human being who came in my life.

Best wishes for your great work again. ...............

Yours sincerely
Sandeep Vishvanath Patil
nimbol tal Raver district Jalgaon MH.

Salil Aryamane

Dear Mr. Rodricks,

First, kudos for conceiving such a beautiful idea of retrofit dummy accelerator and thanks for providing it on my Skoda Rapid Automatic car.

The retrofit assembly (Dummy Accelerator Pedal at Left Foot) which you have provided is such a smart & innocuous extension that it is hardly noticeable but performs exceedingly well to serve the purpose of controlling vehicle speed with left foot.

Being a foldable pedal, It is not seen when folded and there is no hindrance to the normal person driving the vehicle with right (normal) accelerator. The dummy pedal's pressing action on original accelerator is also well calibrated, hence there is a very smooth control.

I am driving the vehicle with great pleasure and without any issues for last 1 month and I have acquired the learning licence from RTO, Panvel and I should get a permanent licence within next 15-20 days. Even the RTO officers who took my test for checking driving feasibility with retrofit, marvelled at the finesse of the retrofit accelerator pedal and its functionality.

Since my right leg is non-functional for driving purpose (straightened right knee), your retrofit has allowed me to experience the pleasures of driving again after a gap of 22 years!

I feel liberated and life is so different again, all thanks to your retrofit!

Also, many thanks for your co-operation and guidance extended to M/s JMD Motors sales team and the perfect certifications of the retrofitted vehicle, to enable the RTO registration formalities for Handicapped vehicle registration.

Thanks, once again, Mr. Rodricks!

Keep up the noble work of providing mobility to Physically Challenged community. God bless you!

Salil Aryamane
Cell: +919594094757

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